JAMUY is an online platform promoting short and fun activities which serve a socially beneficial purpose. You can find our platform under https://jamuy.sharetribe.com. Three types of activities are offered to the social enthusiasts: free activities, paying activities and short term

Organized by social or cultural organizations and/or their supporters, activities promoted through JAMUY aim at increasing the visibility, attractiveness and accessibility of projects which serve a socially beneficial purpose. The objective is to maximize their impact and provide additional funds and support to their cause.

For the individuals who participate in these activities it is an alternative to long-term volunteering and donations. It is also a great way to contribute to a good cause, meet new people and have a unique experience. This is what we call sustainable fun!

JAMUY´s online platform is easy to use and is free of charge. Organizations meeting our criteria can directly advertise their activities on the platform. Social enthusiasts can join the community and participate in activities with a simple registration process that lasts less than a minute. Members of JAMUY’s community can interact with each other via comments in the public discussion that is linked to every activity.

JAMUY’s team promotes extensively the activities and the organizations offering them outside the platform thanks to various marketing tools.

JAMUY means “come” in Quechua, a native South American language which was spoken by the Inca empire.


Our primary goal is to maximize the impact of organizations or projects with a social purpose by broadening public awareness and engagement towards them.


Transparency and good faith are placed at the heart of JAMUY’s community concept. We expect all participants, volunteers and organizers to show good spirits, respect cultural and social differences, and work together towards achieving a positive impact for the society. We are independent of any religious or political groups.