JAMUY started initially between three friends (Thomas from Belgium, Marion from France and Paola from Spain) who started the project in Frankfurt in 2016 with the help of the Social Impact Lab (as part of the Ändersgründer program). The concept was developped as an alternative to volunteering with the objective to offer both social organisations and social enthusiasts with the possibility to connect via activities of short duration and with a socially beneficial purpose.

The 3 founders

The 3 founders


We were soon joined by a team of ambassadors who help us in promoting the platform and the activities proposed by social organisations. Like the founders, ambassadors are volunteers and they have been and will continue to be essential to the success of the project. We have an ever growing team of ambassadors in various locations – get in contact with us if you are interested, whatever your availability and motivation are!


IMG_0746Jessica Bodmann comes from the world of development finance where she worked with a variety of (non-)governmental actors on aspects of responsible finance and financial inclusion. Her regional focus is the Middle East / North Africa with a strong interest in conflict resolution and development. She likes music, cake and sartorial freedom.

IMG_0747Daniel Silberhorn is a Senior PR consultant in managing its clients’ reputation and relationships with their stakeholders. His professional focus is on media relations, crisis management, CSR and trainings but he also teaches PR students and acts at Kellertheater Frankfurt. He also enjoy good food / Traveling.

IMG_0748Dina Henriques is Portuguese and works in the Financial area. She works in international teams and in the past she has worked in projects in Africa. She likes cooking, photography and travel. She also enjoys to help others to see the bright side of life.


IMG_0751Verena Gorris specialises in financing and business models for renewable energies, energy efficiency and demand side management and has a track record in communications and lobbying for renewable energies. She volunteers with several refugee projects in Frankfurt and enjoys dancing – especially Tango Argentino.

IMG_0749Annette is German and born close to Frankfurt, but in her heart she is also Italian, spanish, dutch and american as she has lived in various parts of the world. Therefore she thinks that this world deserves to be a better place for everyone. Her occupation is in the Sales Departement for an international Company. In her work-free time she loves to cook and travel to see new places she has never been before.

Kerri comes from the media industry. She is a graphic designer and worked in an advertising agency. At the moment she studies conception and production with the focus on film. She loves good food and enjoys live music.



IMG_0752(QUITO) Vanessa is ecuadorian and she studies International Relations in Quito. She has been involved in projects about social volunteerings and tourism. She loves travelling, learning new languages and reading.


IMG_0753(QUITO) Samantha is from the United States, but currently living in Quito. She studies environmental sustainability and policy, but has worked in a wide range subjects, including projects in Cuba and Guatemala. She loves swimming and exploring new places.


(GUAYAQUIL) Josel is an industrial engineer with a specialization in Marketing. Born in Guayaquil, he has worked on a multitude of social projects with a focus on community development, in Ecuador as well as Bolivia, India and Canada. He likes swimming, biking & hiking. He speaks English and understand German.



Coming soon…



(MEDELLÍN) Javier is from Mexico, he have an entrepreneur spirit, studied Business Management and have worked in marketing and business development in Mexico and India, now is based in Medellin Colombia; he really likes to travel, discover new cultures, hiking and canoeing.



Feef Anthony is an iOS developer from the US. He’s spending this year traveling the world as part of Remote Year’s Balboa cohort, seeking out development opportunities for good causes, and playing as much music as possible.