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Newsletter 7 (02/2017): A New Model for JAMUY

You can find the full newsletter under http://eepurl.com/czou0L


Dear JAMUY friends,

The end of year is always a time to reflect… After multiple discussions, we decided to switch to a decentralized model: Anybody (organisation or person) can now publish an activity in 5 min, as long as the activity and / or organisation has a socially beneficial purpose and meets our criteria.

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Our first Article on JAMUY in Ecuador (Spanish only)

Our first appearance in a magazine in Ecuador, special thanks to Andrés Proaño Serrano and the University of San Francisco in Quito for the opportunity.




Take-aways after 3 months of JAMUY in Ecuador

Already 3 months in Ecuador, mainly in Quito, and 2 of JAMUY’s founders flew to Buenos Aires to launch the project over there. But don’t worry, our services will not stop there, a team of 4 ambassadors based in Quito will continue to support social organisations and to promote their activities of short duration with a social purpose, together with JAMUY’s global team. But to celebrate our 3 months’ anniversary in Ecuador, here is a short summary of what we have learned and done in the country as part of the project.

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Newsletter 6 (11/2016): Dress up for the winter

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Dear JAMUY friends,

Winter is coming… well, more in Frankfurt than Quito for sure but there’s plenty of good reasons to get out there and enjoy one of the numerous activities offered in November!

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“Mal schnell was Gutes tun” – Artikel über JAMUY auf Hessenschau.de

Only text has been copies below, find the whole article under http://hessenschau.de/gesellschaft/mal-schnell-was-gutes-tun—mit-hilfe-der-frankfurter-online-plattform-jamuy,online-helfer-projekt-jamuy-100.html

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Newsletter 5 (10/2016): New Horizons

Full newsletter is available under http://eepurl.com/ciAADX

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Fundación El Triangulo: an innovative approach to inclusion

We visited the non profit organisation “Fundación El Triangulo” beginning of September, when pupils return from summer break and the youngest pupils had their first day at school.

First day at school

First day at school

After 25 years of service for persons with intellectual disability, we were really impressed by the chemistry mix of professionalism and creativity that you can observe at the school and within its staff. One of our “wow” moment that we would not forget, hence why we wanted to sit down and write a short article about our encounter.

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Community project & organic farm 1 hr from Quito

An hour away from Quito, we visited on August 7 2016 a highly dynamic non profit organisation called “Fundación Brethren y Unida (FBU)”. Founded in 1953, the FBU has focussed its efforts on the development of poor rural communities in various places in Ecuador through a variety of projects aiming at improving the life of rural families by offering social, education, and economic alternatives with an ecological imperative. Alfredo Merino from FBU kindly showed us around and explain in more details some of their initiatives. Humbled by what has been achieved and is still being done by the small team of 5 in the FBU, we decided to write this post to share what we have learned during the day spent together.

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Newsletter 4 (09/2016): A new start

Full newsletter is available under http://eepurl.com/cdPHyr

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Newsletter 3 (07/2016): Ready for the summer

You can find the full newsletter under http://eepurl.com/b8am6j

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