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We have been very busy the past months getting everything ready but it has been an amazing experience and we wanted to thank you for supporting us from the very beginning. It means a great deal to us that you have subscribed to this newsletter and we hope you will enjoy reading it.

Since it is the first newsletter (of many to come) we thought it could be nice to tell you a bit more about JAMUY’s concept and the reason behind this social initiative so you can better understand why we decided to create it and why we are so passionate about this project.

The three of us wanted to contribute in some way to a good cause in Frankfurt. But we found it really tough to navigate the websites of the various social organisations and to find events and activities that would fit in our agenda. Also most information was solely available in German (which was not easy for us although we understand the language). We tried to help out here and there but did not really find what we were looking for.

As we have been friends for a while we started discussing about what could be done to help other people in our situation. After a few dinners and bottles of wine (some good, some bad) and many discussions with organisations and stakeholders in the social sector, we decided to create JAMUY together and dedicate our time and efforts to make it happen. Not every day has been easy but we are super excited to introduce you to JAMUY: an online platform promoting fun and short activities with a socially beneficial purpose. JAMUY makes it easy for people like you and us to screen the different options available in the city and choose the ones that suit your agenda best.

We are very happy to be able to start sharing the first activities with you now! Below is an overview of 3 of them, more of them will come soon. Take a look at the activities on the platform and give it a try. We hope you will enjoy this as much as we do! And if you do, do not hesitate to spread the word and recommend us to your friends in Frankfurt 🙂

Have a nice week filled with sustainable fun!


Marion, Paola & Thomas from JAMUY



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