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Dear Friends of JAMUY,
We would like to dedicate this newsletter to a topic that is really close to our heart: How technology has made it easier for travelers to explore in a different way! We have reviewed some of the websites that help travellers connect directly with local organisations or people, without the need for intermediaries (although some websites can be seen as intermediaries as they charge more or less reasonable fees, so exercise caution).

Our pick on useful global websites

There are obviously loads of recommendations out there on websites useful to use when traveling, this is just a small list that we have found useful in our pursue of local and budget travels and Do-Good activities (other than JAMUY of course):
– Grassroots volunteering / GivingWay / IdealistMovingWorlds / UN Volunteers: great to find social organisations and volunteer opportunities. We like them as they cut the middle man like JAMUY (there are so many volunteering websites that are now run like a business)
Volunteersbase / Workaway / WWOOF / HelpX: a great way to experience local life on a budget (the 1st one is free, others with limited fee). You typically work some hours a day against accomodation & sometimes food, etc.
– Couchsurfing: sleep on a local’s couch and get to know the city with an insider (taking a public / private room with Airbnb-like websites is a good alternative especially if you stay longer than 2-3 days). If you just want to meet up with people, Couchsurfing, Facebook groups and Meet-ups are usually useful to do it.
Withlocals / VayableBackstreet Academy / I like local: the market for experiences by / with locals (food, tours, etc)  is a growing one, although most of these sites still need to become more global. is also a good one to buy tours organised by social organisations. But keep in mind some of these websites / experiences are quite costly, esp. considering that you could sometimes do it DIY (direct contact or through Couchsurfing for e.g.). Quality of service and time savings make them however very appealing.

There are of course a lot of local sites and other global ones out there- don’t hesitate to contact us if we miss some obvious ones!

We are looking for City ambassadors
We have now 15 countries represented on JAMUY but there is so much more we could do to help promote Do-Good activities and directly link users and social projects with no intermediary nor fees. If you know someone who might be interested in helping (we are very flexible on how and how much!), here are more details on what this can entail.

See you soon on JAMUY,

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