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Dear JAMUY friends,

We are continuing our efforts to grow both in Frankfurt and in Quito: our website is now available in 3 languages (English, German, Spanish) and features a growing number of activities. We are also constantly working on expanding our team of Ambassadors to better service non-profit organisations and help them maximize their impact!
Frankfurt (Germany)

The JAMUY Ambassadors team is growing! We are very happy to welcome on board Dina and Annette. Together with Jessica, Verena and Daniel, they make a great job to support the JAMUY adventure. Thanks to all!

Dina is Portuguese and works in the financial area. She works in international teams and in the past she has worked in projects in Africa. She likes cooking, photography and travelling. She also enjoys helping others to see the bright side of life!

Annette is German and born close to Frankfurt, but in her heart she is also Italian, Spanish, Dutch and American as she has lived in various parts of the world. Therefore she thinks that this world deserves to be a better place for everyone. Her occupation is in the Sales Departement for an international company. In her free time she loves to cook and travel!
Quito (Ecuador)

Have you ever dreamed of discovering a new country AND give back to the community you visit, without necessarily doing volunteering? This is what we would like to offer to you.

Ecuador is an incredible country which offers some of the mosts beautiful landscapes and authentic communities. But so many things still have to be done both socially and environmentally speaking. This is why we started JAMUY there: to do what we can to help improve the situation and support the work of the amazing organisations we have met. Make them and their projects more known both in Europe and in Ecuador so people like you and us who have social awareness can also contribute to making this beautiful country a better one by participating in fun activities when travelling to Quito. And the best part is that by doing so you will contribute to a social cause and give back to the community as you will allow the organisation behind it to have more funds to support its projects.

We have now 10 Ecuadorian activities online and hope to reach 15 soon! After our presentation at ImpaQto (incubator / co-working space in Quito – picture above!), we are looking for more partners and Ambassadors to further grow in the country. Don’t miss our article on “El Triangulo”, a very innovative non profit organisation caring for the intellectually disabled.

New Terms and Conditions / Privacy Policy
We have updated our terms and conditions as well as our privacy policy. They are now available in 3 languages. You can consult the new T&Cs here and the new privacy policy here. Please note that the use of the platform remains free for everybody. You have the right to object to this modification within 6 weeks but do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question.

And as usual, below is a highlight of some outstanding sustainable fun activities to come!

Bis bald!

The JAMUY Team

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