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Dear Friends of JAMUY,

in this newsletter we would like to share with you some ideas and initiatives towards the protection of our planet, an effort that was unfortunately undermined again by Mr Trump this week. But let’s not fall into pessimism, he’s one and we are many! Each of us can change the way we are living to make this world a sustainable one for the generations to come.

#5 unexpected things you can do to go green today

Apart from the usual stuff – recycle. reduce your water and energy consumption…- here are a few less usual ways to protect our planet:

#1- Beware of expiration dates
Did you know that you could still eat most of the food you throw away? Here are some examples: yogurt, eggs, cheese, pasta, and many more stuff that ends up in your bin while you could still eat it! Check out this useful site to see how can you do good to the planet and to your pocket!

#2 Make your own compost – your plants will appreciate it!
Even if you don´t have a garden for sure you have some planst at home and making your own compost does not have to mean leave the organic stuff rot and stink in a bin at home, it can directly be used for your plants! Here is how to make a home composter.

#3 Re-use watter for your plants
This is really easy to do, you just have to put a bucket somewhere in your place and throw there the watter you use to clean the veggies & salad (of course without any soap) so you can re-use it to watter your plants for example.

#4 Eat consciously
There are many ways you can go green just by paying attention to what you put on your plate. For example eating seasonal fruits and veggies, decreasing your meat consumption (the meat industry produces more CO2 emissions than the overall transport industry), same for fish, etc.

#5 Naked groceries
When you do your groceries just try to go for the non- packaged goods, most of them are useless, for example oranges have already a sking so why do people put them into plastic bags? Plus this will give you less work at home 🙂

Participate in environmentally friendly activities
You can participate in activities that are good for the environment in the city you live in or when travelling. We have plenty of them on JAMUY

The list above is obviously non exhaustive – please share with us any further idea or initiative in this direction.

Check some responsible travel blogs
For the travellers, there are also some blogs & sites for sustainable tourism you may want to check to find further ideas / initiatives. For example, The Backpacker Bible or The Altruistic Traveller (We had the chance to interview Bianca from the Altruistic Traveller: Click here to watch)

Below you can find our usual pick of Do-Good activities for this month.

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