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Dear Friends of JAMUY,

With all the craziness that is happening in the world we thought we would dedicate our May newsletter to some inspiring projects that make it a better place to live in. There are of course millions of them out there, so we will surely come back to presenting other projects in the near future. Because it´s nice to remind ourselves beautiful actions are taking place everyday.

Piña Palmera (Mexico)

We visited this project on the west coast of Mexico (see video and activity). We found the work of this foundation particularly inspiring, not only because it helps people with disability, but because it embraced a whole inclusive process where both the disabled and their family are trained and employed in producing activities, in which the public can participate in both the process (through workshops) and fruits of the process (by buying products in the shop). Another great reason to visit this beautiful coast line!

Rescued food initiatives

Roughly one third of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year — approximately 1.3 billion tonnes — gets lost or wasted. Rescued food initiatives are so mutually beneficial for both the human kind and the earth that even some countries start integrating in principles into legislation. But there is still so much to do! In the photo above and on JAMUY, you can find a good example of these initiatives: OzHarvest Market a rescued food supermarket in Sydney which opened last April. Another really cool thing about this initiative is that they make their rescued food available to everyone even if they cannot pay for it so it also helps with poverty alleviation in the city.

Café Sheroes Hangout (India)

Unfortunately in India acid violence is a daily topic and many women still die due to this gender attacks or if they survive spend the rest of their lives in shame. Founded in 2014 this café wants to give back their dignity, confidence and joy of life to the survivors of acid attacks by employing them in a café run exclusively by women who suffered this despicable act of violence. If you ever go to India check the activity here

Intergenerational care programs

One of our “coups de coeur” in education consists in all the intergenerational care projects bringing children and elderly together with mutually benefitial outcomes. Very impactful initiatives that ought to be implemented everywhere. Here and here are 2 interesting articles on the topic.

Psychiatric care in Geel taken out by the community (Belgium)

This small village in Belgium is a beautiful example of love and solidarity. For over 700 years families in Geel have taken in mentally ill or disabled people -whom they call guests or boarders- and integrated them into their family and into the community. The guests live together with the inhabitants who take care of them and become full part of the community being able to move freely and participate in all the village´s activities. There is no other place like this one in the world and anyone can visit it. More info here

Did you like them?
We are always looking for inspiring projects and activities so if you know of any and would like to support them just drop us a line on we will be very happy to read your “coup de coeur”!

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