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A sabbatical year with a social mission in South America

2 of JAMUY’s members embarked in August last year on a sabbatical year in South America with the objective to help local social projects promote their activities of short duration.

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JAMUY interviews Feef, traveler and volunteer

JAMUY team met Feef, an inspiring young professional taking a year to travel and work around the world, changing country every month or so. This, solely, already makes him a busy man, but he manages to find time to volunteer for good causes on the way. JAMUY interviewed him to know more about his experience, a good read for anybody thinking of traveling the world and do good on the way.

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Newsletter 11 (06/2017): Make our planet great again

You can find the full newsletter under http://mailchi.mp/af8a22a38281/travel-differently-1025609

Dear Friends of JAMUY,

in this newsletter we would like to share with you some ideas and initiatives towards the protection of our planet, an effort that was unfortunately undermined again by Mr Trump this week. But let’s not fall into pessimism, he’s one and we are many! Each of us can change the way we are living to make this world a sustainable one for the generations to come.

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The Altruistic Traveller´s interview by JAMUY

This week we had the pleasure to interview Bianca author of the awesome blog The Altruistic Traveller.

Bianca has travelled to 40 countries looking for socially beneficial projects in which she could participate in order to fulfill her wish to make this world a better one.  She left her comfort zone behind and now combines her passion of travelling and connecting with people with the other passion of hers which is to give back to the local communities.

She is the kind of person that inspires people -she did inspire us quite a lot- and we thought we would share her story with you.

We are sure you are going to like it 🙂


Bianca is also now contributing to JAMUY by posting on JAMUY´s platform Do Good activities she comes across with. As she says in every country she visits there are wonderful initiatives to share.

If you are also travelling and would like to share socially beneficial activities with others as Bianca does, please do so on JAMUY you´ll see its easy and it only takes 5 minutes!


Newsletter 10 (05/2017): 5 inspiring social projects

You can find the full newsletter under http://mailchi.mp/14a9cf5c7ec5/travel-differently-985777


Dear Friends of JAMUY,

With all the craziness that is happening in the world we thought we would dedicate our May newsletter to some inspiring projects that make it a better place to live in. There are of course millions of them out there, so we will surely come back to presenting other projects in the near future. Because it´s nice to remind ourselves beautiful actions are taking place everyday.

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Newsletter 9 (04/2017) Travel differently: Exploring new paths

You can find the full newsletter under http://mailchi.mp/c878a5bc5c4f/travel-differently


Dear Friends of JAMUY,
We would like to dedicate this newsletter to a topic that is really close to our heart: How technology has made it easier for travelers to explore in a different way! We have reviewed some of the websites that help travellers connect directly with local organisations or people, without the need for intermediaries (although some websites can be seen as intermediaries as they charge more or less reasonable fees, so exercise caution).

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Newsletter 8 (03/2017) Travel with JAMUY

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Feria Purrrr in Buenos Aires

This is a short video presenting one of the activity / event we have in Buenos Aires

JAMUY in LÍDERES magazine -Ecuador-

Article about JAMUY on the LÍDERES magazine -Ecuador-
Thank you ImpaQto for this opportunity 🙂
Full magazine here.

Newsletter 7 (02/2017): A New Model for JAMUY

You can find the full newsletter under http://eepurl.com/czou0L


Dear JAMUY friends,

The end of year is always a time to reflect… After multiple discussions, we decided to switch to a decentralized model: Anybody (organisation or person) can now publish an activity in 5 min, as long as the activity and / or organisation has a socially beneficial purpose and meets our criteria.

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